Sep 17, 2015

First Kingdom Death miniature

I managed to put together my first Kingdom Death Miniature: The Sci-Fi Twilight Knight.  Once I get the game I'll be posting more pictures as i put them together, and maybe even paint them.

Jun 20, 2011

Demo Reel 2011

Hey everyone, this is my Animation Demo Reel for 2011.
Shows include: Jimmy Two Shoes, Total Drama, Yin Yang Yo, and various 3D project that I've worked on over the years.

Mar 17, 2010

Star Trek Online

Hey, I've been playing alot of Star Trek Online. I've taken a few pics. Decided to upload them.

This is my first ship, the USS Spiderweb.

This is my Character. Yarch Majr. He's a custom Alien. My biography is that he's from the planet Ragnoran. He was the first to discover warp travel for his race. On his first trip in space, he runs into the Romulans. They attack, hoping to steal whatever they can (the game takes place after the romulan home world is destroyed by a super nova). Yarch is saved by the federation and, interested in joining, becomes an engineer for the federation.

My away team.

A shot of my main character and one of my officers. I decided to make him the same race as my character.

My second ship. The USS Tapeworm. Also, in the background, is the USS Enterprise, from the original series. This was taken during a mission where you travel back in time to save the timeline.

Jul 29, 2008

Painted Shao Hei

Alrighty, my girlfriend finished painting her Sculpture. Here it is.

Jul 26, 2008

Shao Hei

My girlfriend was also in the sculpting class. This is the cartoon version of her dog back home.
some of her foil and wire armature partially enveloped by the sculpy
Cathy working on the tummy
The cape, setup as a wire mesh
almost finished. just needs a bit of smoothing, baking, and sandpaper
all finished. She's painting it as I type this so there will be an update soon.

Shih-Tzu Bizzare Sculpture

Well way back in grade 5 (about 15 years ago) I drew a cartoon character for a french class project. Le Shih-Tzu Bizarre. The story was about a small shih-tzu that was taken over by an alien symbiote of sorts, and mutated into a human eating monster. A scientist learns of a way to defeat the creature and liquifies it.
Well recently I took a sculpting class at Max the Mutt and after re-designing the creature, have come up with this. enjoy!

initial sculpy pass, notice the tin foil and wire armature underneath

putting in the details of the mouth was the hardest part

here's the head completed, he has tenticle eyes

here, you can see alot the skin texture as well as the strange growths on it's body

And here it is, the final product. I'll update with a painted version eventually, but for now, it will remain unpainted.

Jun 10, 2008

Wicked Storm in Toronto

The other day there was a strange storm in Toronto. on the water front, the fog rolled in so thick that everythign disapeared. shortly after it cleared, a massive, but short lived, thunderstorm rolled in. I took somethign like 60 pictures. Of them, I managed one perfect image:

I ran the pic through photoshop really quick to get the bolt a little clearer. It's really wierd. you can see a straight line right at the base. I'm assuming thats the pole on the building it's hitting. But it's hard to say: